Your home is your sanctuary. It provides a comfortable living environment with the features and location for you and your loved ones to enjoy and relax. However, needs change but you may feel stuck. You may have a great interest rate and you feel locked into staying in your home but you really feel it’s time to explore other options. Does that sound like you? You are not alone. In the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, they found that the average person has lived in their current house for ten years. Life changes annually but clearly after 10 years, there is no doubt there have been changes in your life. Many people expect when they move into a home, they think it will be their forever home but it’s hard to imagine then how your home needs will change in the future. Over time, it’s hard not to crave another home especially with all the home shows on TV to remind us of the latest features and floorplans. Stop dreaming and let’s explore your options in today’s market.

Home prices are beginning to rise again so you will benefit from taking the proceeds from selling your home and investing them into a home that better meets your needs today and into the future. A recent survey from Realtor.com found that 1 in 3 people that are considering selling their home in 2023 cite that they would like to move because their current home no longer meets their needs. The NAR reports digs deeper and provides the top reasons for selling as follows:

• Live closer to family and friends

• Retiring or retired

• Need less or more living space

• Family situation change

• Job relocation

If you have experienced changes or find that your home no longer meets your needs, this may be the time to make a move. It still is a GREAT time to sell. Here is why: Low housing inventory throughout Frisco and the Dallas area means we are in a strong sellers’ market. Buyer demand is also strong and buyers that find homes listed at market value, show well, and are in good condition tend to sell for more than the listed price and receive multiple offers. My customized marketing plan for selling your home is to make it easy for you to list your home and sell it quickly. I offer home staging and preparation services that ensure your home presents well so your home will sell quickly and with little hassle. That’s different than selling to gimmicky companies called Ibuyers in the industry that promise to sell your home quickly and easily without showings, open houses, or staging your home. What they don’t tell you is that you pay for that convenience in thousands of dollars by paying high fees or selling for less than market value. Remember the saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t fall for the trap and lose at the closing table by walking away with less proceeds!

High equity in your home positions you to be able to invest in your next home. Over the last few years with double digit price appreciation, you likely have built up quite a bit of equity thanks to record level home price appreciation. Even people that bought homes 3 years ago in almost anywhere in the Dallas area have significant equity to power their next move to a home that better meets your needs. According to NAR’s report, 38% of recent buyers used the money from the sale of their previous home to cover the down payment on their next one. I’ll help you evaluate your equity position so we can plan on selling your current home and finding your dream home. Call or text me today and let’s plan a time to meet to discuss this further. My consultations are always confidential and free of charge!

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Regardless, as the real estate market environment is always changing, my business practices evolve as I continue to innovate to ensure my clients’ services and results stay well above the norm. It’s a good thing I thrive in a dynamic and changing environment!

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